An advanced condition that often occurs within our senior population is stroke. Approximately 795,000 people suffer a stroke every year, nearly three-quarters of whom are senior citizens. A stroke occurs when there is a sudden interruption of the blood supply in the brain. Strokes are commonly caused by blockages in the arteries of the brain or by a burst blood vessel in the brain. Strokes occur suddenly and require immediate medical attention to avoid further brain damage or possible death.

At Polaris Home Care, our caregivers complete extensive training on stroke recognition and stroke management care. Our caregivers are trained to recognize the warning signs of a stroke so they can act swiftly should a stroke occur while working with a client. The most common indicator that a stroke has occurred is weakness in the face and extremities, most often on one side of the body; additional warning signs can include sudden numbness in the extremities and face, sudden confusion or trouble speaking, sudden trouble seeing, walking, or balance.

We at Polaris Home Care provide our clients with the highest level of in-home care. In addition to the stroke recognition training our caregivers also complete additional stroke training on how to best provide in-home care for you or your loved one who has suffered from a stroke. Our employees assist our clients with their daily activities and help them to maintain the highest level of independence possible. Assisting our clients through all of their rehabilitation while recovering from their stroke.

Rehabilitation from a stroke is a lengthy and difficult process. We at Polaris assist our clients with their physical therapy exercises, occupational therapy exercises and acute care. In some cases, stroke victims have what is known as spontaneous recovery wherein some of the abilities lost due to stroke return naturally. For some stroke victims their recovery is an ongoing process that will continue long after their stroke has occurred and it is our goal at Polaris to assist our clients with any and all activities in their home and community.

Polaris Home Care's Services

Personal Care

Bathing, toileting, therapy exercises, dressing, transfers, and all other
personal hygiene related tasks


Your caregiver will become your
friend and natural extension of your

Care Management

Facilitate communication between
all care providers and coordinate
appointments / visits

Household Tasks

Meal planning, cooking, medication
reminders, laundry, light cleaning,
and other necessary chores


Driving to appointments, errands,
activities, and to see friends or

Memory Care

All staff are trained in caring for
people experiencing memory loss
and the best activities and exercises
for them

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