Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a common condition among the senior population and those seniors who live in the Bay Area are no different. Heart failure is a chronic disease where the heart muscle does not pump blood as well as it should, struggling to pump blood out of the heart or sometime failing to fill the heart properly with blood. When diagnosed with heart failure many seniors will experience symptoms that can lead to additional challenges that would require some additional in-home assistance. We at Polaris Home Care are committed to helping our clients with heart failure to maintain the highest level of independence and activity within the community.

When diagnosed with heart failure many patients will experience a variety of symptoms that can lead to more health problems and potentially dangerous situations. Some symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue, irregular heartbeat, nausea and chest pain; some of these symptoms can potentially endanger the patient. Adding additional in-home care such as a caregiver from Polaris Home Care can help those living with heart failure to maintain high levels of activity and more importantly, safety.

Polaris Home Care employees undergo rigorous training in a variety of conditions to be able to provide the most appropriate type of care required by each client. For those who have been diagnosed with heart failure, our caregivers can assist those clients with around the clock care. In-home care professionals are able to provide our clients with any and all services they may need as they live with heart failure. The benefit of having a caregiver in the home is that there is someone with the patient every day or at least multiple times a week to monitor and work with the client between doctor visits. Our caregivers understand that their ultimate goal is to keep our clients safe above all else, having the ability to monitor the client within their home in their day to day lives is crucial to being able to minimize hospital readmissions.

Polaris Home Care's Services

Personal Care

Bathing, toileting, therapy exercises, dressing, transfers, and all other
personal hygiene related tasks


Your caregiver will become your
friend and natural extension of your

Care Management

Facilitate communication between
all care providers and coordinate
appointments / visits

Household Tasks

Meal planning, cooking, medication
reminders, laundry, light cleaning,
and other necessary chores


Driving to appointments, errands,
activities, and to see friends or

Memory Care

All staff are trained in caring for
people experiencing memory loss
and the best activities and exercises
for them

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